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The most rewarding workshop I've attended

Your guides session was, without doubt, the most rewarding workshop I've attended - thank you soo much.   Having now met my guide, I'm starting to build a relationship - and for the first time today, we spoke to each other.   And your guided meditation in making contact again is awesome. You really are poetic, and your words are gentle and encouraging. And doing a meditation to your guidance has such a feeling of love. And I've been given the most valuable insights into me. Thank you.

Hypnosis helped my insomnia

I have been very sceptical about hypnosis and more than a little apprehensive, but I have been an insomniac for 20 years and because I cannot use sleeping pills, I was desperate enough to try hypnosis.  Now, I sleep soundly – and I sleep right through the night!

Reiki helped relieve my pain

In 2009 I had an accident that left me with a traumatic fracture to my right leg, hospitalization for 2 months and I had to undergo 14 procedures in 12 months.  An Ilizarov external fixator was fitted with its pins going right through my lower leg.  10 months after the accident the original fracture had still not healed and the Ilizarov external fixator could not be removed.  I could no longer take pain medicine as this irritated my stomach causing an ulcer.  Reiki and the love and care of Cathy and how she made the effort to assist whenever the pain got too much for me, was the only relief I had.  The pain levels eased after every session and the original fracture healed.  I have now fully recovered and I do believe Reiki contributed to this miraculous healing.

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