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Equine Reiki

Anyone who has ever had the privilege of riding or working with horses, will know how sensitive these majestic creatures are.  By nature they are spirited and can become deeply troubled as a result of their exposure to human behaviour, even when they are well-cared for by their owners.  They can become depressed from time to time and need support as much as any human being does.  All horses that are not able to live free and wild are vulnerable to stress in their environment and can benefit from the gentle support Equine Reiki can give them. 

Horses do not block the energy flow as humans sometimes do and accept the healing they receive completely.  The results of three to six sessions are therefore very good when a specific issue is being addressed.  It is however recommended that working horses receive regular Reiki treatments to improve their well-being and ability to perform the tasks required of them.  Horses that are the most vulnerable are race horses, horses performing in the arena and horses used in equine assisted healing programs for humans.

[Travel costs might be payable, depending on distance. Service provided in Mossel Bay and surrounds.]

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