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Everything is, indeed, energy.  Within each of us there is an untapped source of knowledge, wisdom and symbolism, which has access to all there is to know about ourselves.  All we have to do to tap into this source, is to reach inside and connect with the peace and tranquillity we find there.

Meditation is about reaching inside to that place where one can hear one’s own inner voice, where the ego mind is pushed away just long enough for us to hear our own truth and receive the messages that are otherwise drowned out by the noise and clutter of daily life.

During my own personal journey with hypnotherapy, psychologist Dr Christie Els introduced me to the principle ‘as above, so below’.  There is much truth in this simple phrase and in my case it was the key that unlocked my transformation.  When something is truly resolved in a trance state, it somehow, over the weeks and months that follow that resolution in the inner world, gets resolved in the outer world too.  This is true in respect of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Meditation is a natural process and therefore it is accessible to all of us, whenever we choose to do so.  There are no rules.  Anyone who chooses to meditate can learn how – it is a matter of practice.  In group meditations, the experience takes the form of a guided meditation, including imagery and a space to be silent within one’s own stillness.  It is, however, easier (and sometimes necessary for certain individuals) to be coached through the initial process of entering the meditative state.  Once the skill is acquired and practised regularly, the individual magical journey can begin, whether the purpose is personal performance and skill enhancement, healing of the body or mind, or merely stress release. 

Meditation coaching sessions are tailored to each individual’s personal requirements, depending on the purpose of the individual’s meditation practice.  I have recorded various guided meditations.  Some free options are available here.  You can also listen to samples of my guided meditations available on my online shop.


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  • Within each of us there is an untapped source of knowledge, wisdom and symbolism. All we have to do to tap into this source, is to reach inside and connect with the peace and tranquillity we find there.
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  • In my practice the focus is on the client’s well-being and freedom of choice. You will not lose control, nor will you do or say anything that you do not want to, even when in deep trance.
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