Group Hypno-visualizations

Group hypno-visualizations are suitable for private groups, as well as for groups of employees in the workplace.  The group dynamic offers a powerful, yet safe space for the participants to become familiar with hypnosis as a healing modality while they explore their ability to relax and to relieve their stress in doing so.

Corporate entities with a focus on the well-being of their employees are aware that one of the positive spin offs of encouraging their employees to relax is an increase in productivity, simply because employees take fewer days of sick leave.  There can be no doubt that working in a stressful environment, no matter what the source of the stress is, can impact on an employee’s ability to maintain optimal, or at least acceptable, levels of performance.

The sources of stress encountered by employees may not even be related to the workplace itself, but employees bring their own private stress to work with them, unwittingly impacting on their colleagues and co-workers.  Sometimes the work environment itself brings about stressful interactions between individuals. Even deadlines and the reality of people having to co-operate with one another whether they like it or not, can produce stress.

Investing in a group hypno-visualization for employees in the workplace is a powerful way of moving a business forward, optimizing the value of its greatest asset – its human employees. 


Group sessions, whether for private groups or groups in the workplace, can bring about subtle benefits that are outwardly reflected in for example better relationships between individuals, improved self-esteem, increased productivity in the workplace, enhanced creativity, as well as an enhanced sense of well-being, to name but a few.

Sessions are tailored to suit the particular group, whether private or in the workplace.  Detailed requirements can be discussed.


Cost per person, details of venue and travel costs can be discussed at the time of booking. Contact me for details.

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