Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

So much has been written about past lives and past life regression.  Unfortunately, while a lot of what is written focuses on sharing the benefits of past life regression as a form of therapy that brings about amazing results, often healing both emotional and physical difficulties, much of the focus is also on proving that past lives are real.  The debate between those who believe such lives are real and those who believe they are not, will probably always continue.  Debate is good and it is healthy to investigate any phenomenon before accepting it as part of one's belief system.  When past life regression work is used as a tool in the kit of a hypnotherapist, however, it is helpful to avoid the big debate.  Instead, the focus should be on the results that the therapy can produce.  There are people who simply cannot buy into the possibility that past lives may be real and so for them, the door to healing using past life regression therapy, remains closed.  There are many theories when it comes to past lives, and only one of these theories accepts past lives as 'true' or 'real' past lives.  Other theories include the possibility that, by accessing a past life, one in reality taps into either the memories of those in one's own blood line, or into the collective consciousness.  There is also a theory that perhaps the human brain, the capacity of which we do not yet fully understand, is capable of bringing us images that work towards our healing.  I have personally facilitated sessions where clients accessed past lives, but felt that the images that came up for them were possibly imagined.  Yet the healing that they found in those sessions were profound.  The reason why the therapy works for such clients, is that they have the freedom to chose to believe what they regard as real or not.  Imagination is a powerful tool as the subconscious mind does not distinguish between fact and imagination.  In other words, past life regression therapy can produce excellent results even for those who do not believe they are real.  I have encountered some therapists who themselves do not believe that past lives are real and who as a result refuse to facilitate past life regression sessions for their clients, preferring to refer them to a colleague.  In my view, it is perfectly feasible for a good and well-trained hypnotherapist to facilitate a past life regression session, without making any kind of judgment call on the veracity of the client's experiences.  It is not necessary for either the therapist or the client to believe that past lives are real for the process to work.  If both therapist and client give themselves permission to use the therapy for what it could produce, namely healing, and to accept that even if the images that lead to such healing are imagined, they can relax into the process and avoid limiting themselves in any way.  A focus on proving these lives are real, or on proving that they are not, will restrict all concerned and the result will be that somewhere, someone is missing out on the opportunity to heal.  


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