Parts Therapy

The South African Institute of Hypnotism where I am registered as a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator explains Parts Therapy as follows:


Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator base their approach on the widely accepted theory that we are the sum of various parts, all of which serve certain functions. In other words we can wear different hats. When these personality parts are inharmonious or fragmented, internal conflict exists within us.

Have you ever tried making a conscious decision to resolve a problem or overcome an undesired habit, only to find yourself back to square one after a while? Have you ever noticed that willpower, discipline and common sense only serves you up to some point before you backtrack to your old habits, sometimes even worse than before? If so, then Parts Therapy or a Symptomatic Hypnotherapy approach might be the ideal technique for you! During this multifaceted hypnotic technique the facilitator guides the client into a state of hypnosis (deeply focused relaxation) and then invites communication with the various parts that prevent the client from changing, as well as the part motivating the client to improve his/her life. This self empowering process resembles mediation in that the facilitator invites subconscious responses to help the parts resolve their differences.

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