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Energy Bullies

Everyone hates a bully. But how often do we bully other people, without knowing that that is what we are doing?


What our leader mirrors

Our leader is a mirror of who we are as a society – collectively.  All the focus and attention on the removal of an unpopular leader merely feed a great ego that truly does not care about the views of ANYONE, or any group.  The only ego that anyone has any control over, is his or her own.  Look into the mirror of your leader and ask what it reflects about you:  Where in our lives do we abuse our power, perhaps over our partners, our colleagues or employees, or even our children? 


Discovering the void

A little over a year ago I wrote my first blog, Jumping into the void, giving expression to what I experienced as I took that first exhilarating jump into the space where my dreams lived. Now, fourteen months later, I am able to express what it feels like having taken the plunge into an experience that remains ever-evolving.


Gratitude and Miracles

We all spend some of our time hoping for a miracle. When we do encounter one, we feel grateful that we have been fortunate enough to experience it. But do we really have to sit around and wait for a miracle to come to us? And if not, how do we create miracles? What are they made of?


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