Cathy Mc Donald Hypnosis Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Healer and Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapist

Cathy Mc Donald

I have always had an interest in science and mathematics and qualified with a B.Sc. degree in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry from the University of Pretoria in 1984.  Some years later I spent a year studying Astro-Physics through Unisa.  Eventually, I changed direction and qualified as an advocate in 1999.  I practised as a member of the Cape Bar and Advocate of the High Court for 15 years and wrapped up this part of my life at the end of October 2014.

Oddly enough, I learned almost as much about energy in my law practice as I did in the science laboratories.  When life came knocking, I was fortunate enough to learn about the trance state and its benefits in the hands of two highly skilled psychologists, both passionate about hypnosis.  The journey was long an arduous, as are most worthwhile journeys.  Eventually, as my life slowly healed, I realised that I needed to learn as much as I could about the processes that transformed my life.  Inspired by a deep desire to reduce the pain suffered by my mother during a serious illness, I became a Reiki Master Healer in 2009 after two years of studying through the American-based Crystal Chamber Center School of Reiki, with Dr. Elizabeth King, my beloved mentor and teacher.  The gentle Reiki energy transformed my world and my thinking.  I felt blessed to have been able to learn to channel the Reiki energy to reduce the pain, physical and emotional, of those who came across my path.

But life had not finished, and came knocking again, as it tends to do.  Using the skills I had learned in my own personal hypnotherapy, I discovered the amazing benefits of devoting time to the regular practice of meditation.  This soon became my passion and completing my foundation hypnosis training in South Africa through the London-based Past Life Regression Academy, with Doug Buckingham leading the training, was naturally the next step. I completed additional training through the South African Institute of Hypnotism and am a Certified Hypnotherapist (non-medical) and a Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator, registered with the South African Institute of Hypnotism. I cannot imagine that I would ever want to stop learning.  Sharing what has become my passion, is simply something I have to do!  Being able to accompany others on their sacred inward journeys, is a privilege beyond description.

My book Choosing to Heal:  A journey through time into eternity and back was released in September 2015.  The story takes the reader on a journey to my past lives in places like ancient Egypt, Japan and medieval England, revealing all I needed to heal my current life. As I met slaves, monks, knights and Samurai, my journey inevitably led deep into the inner soul world where five spiritual guides assisted me to heal painful physical and emotional aspects of my life, while my spiritual regression to the space between lives provided even further clues to the pattern of the ancient tapestry of my soul’s life.  It was an amazing journey and writing about it, sharing what I experienced, was a whole new journey!  Find out more about my book.

The journey took me to a new place of learning and I am currently in the process of completing my certification as a Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapist.  In my own healing and commitment to always choosing to heal, this is the next level, one which I am truly blessed to be able to share with my clients, friends and family.

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